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The Grand Prize for the Annual TANJ Texas Wac Um contest was an Allegheny Mtn. 60" Mountain Bow, Brown Action Wood Riser, Zebrawood Limbs, 48#@28". Value $450 which was donated by TANJ member Jeff Strauss.

The winner was John Hoinowski and over 134 archers were in the competition. All monies raised will be donated to the Handicap Olympic style games that will be held in Mid July at Oakwood NJ, in Union County.

The Archery competition event will be held on July 18th & 19th, 2015. They are expecting at least 500 handicap kids to compete from around the U.S. during the entire week.

Al Klenk, Doc DeCaro, Jeff (FaFa) Strauss posing with the Allegheny Mtn Bow that John Hoinowski won which was donated by Bowyer & Owner Jeff Strauss. Jeff has been donating a bow for our contest as the Grand Prize for the last 7 years.


Congratulations Doc & John!

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro and John Erndl were inducted into the NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame at the 11th Annual Bowhunters Game Dinner last month. Doc is President of TANJ and John is President of UBNJ, and both are Members of Black Knight Bowbenders.

Doc's Handy Archery Tip #647

If you're having a problem with your screw-in arrow tip points becoming loose during your shooting, just use a little teflon pipe thread tape - cut half inch piece, wrap around thread, and screw back onto arrow ... and the problem is solved!

~ Doc.

Obiss has put all the TANJ/OBISS 2nd Annual March Madness day in a picture slide show. Thank You for a great time and pictures to - Howard Neide President Obissquasoit Bowmen & Pete Dave Onesti Charlie Meyers and all its members.

TANJ and Black Knight membership helped the Jackson & New Egypt Boy Scouts learn the Art of Archery for their "Arrow of Light" Ceremony. This is where the Cub Scouts cross over to Boy Scouts. It was held the Sunday right after the NJ Bowhunters Game Dinner at 10am. It was a great group of kids, and what we do is to support our youth. It was 4 hours of non stop fun. Bud Thomas & Gene Grodzki were the coordinators and did a great job.

Winners of TANJ/ OBISS March 29th March Madness Game
3D Deer Spot ~ Down Under ~ William Tell

11th Annual NJ Bowhunter's Game Dinner

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Dino Pagano's son Avery Pagano makes the Junior Dream Team consisting of the most promising junior and cadet Olympic archers in the country and now will attend Olympic Training Center. Story in the Rumson Patch and/or Monmouth Journal (March 6th). The Pagano family TANJ members shoot at the BKB all the time.

TANJ will support Avery!


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Mountain Mikes (Sig Borstads former shop) will take 25% OFF ANY IN-STOCK 3D AND ALL BAG TARGET FOR TANJ MEMBERS. This sale will be valid now till April 31st, 2015. Please bring your 2015 TANJ membership card.

Mountain Mikes
7 Old Rudetown
McAfree, NJ
Hours - 9am to 5pm
We are closed on Mondays
Cell, 862-266-2293.
Shop, 973 827 6527

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro

El Presidente

The Man, the Myth, and now ... the Legend!

Doc is featured on page 76 for Traditional Harvests in Traditional Bowhunter
magazine's April/May 2015 issue, and he wins the CRKT knife!

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The Cabin Fever weekend was a blast!

On Saturday we had over 30 BKB & TANJ members show up for the pre Cabin Fever Work party and on Sunday many of the same folks came to shoot and to lend a hand. Despite the insane weather and snow we had 57 shooters on Sunday. It was cold but there was a nice break in the weather both Saturday and Sunday. The archery gods must like TANJ & BKB.

Mike Luster our chief cook and bottle washer took a triple header on the ice and dislocated his right shoulder on Saturday. Mike went in for surgery today (Tuesday). His Grandson Nick said he might need a rod and some screws to put him back together. Mike if you are reading this we wish you a speedy recovery.

Doc wanted to say Thanks to Mark Dreyfus and Scout Troop 34 from Jackson for their help on Saturday!

Doc Decaro & some of his TANJ Team holding court at the registration desk ...
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Early Sunday AM started really cold but the sun broke out and made it a balmy 30 degrees! ...
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 photo image002_zpsebrfapgn.jpg

 photo image011_zps2xqqeb2y.jpg

Mr. Roger "3-D" Dean, his bride Jen and daughter Olivia, along with his team of 3-D helpers, made sure the 3-D Range was "Top Notch" despite the snow and ice. Thank you! ...
 photo image004_zps4wwchjhe.jpg

Mike gives a thumbs up on the way to the hospital with his chauffer Ron Elison ...
 photo image013_zpsznqsparh.jpg

Ray Juarez and his team of BKB volunteers did a great job in the kitchen on Sunday serving up some world class chow! ...
 photo image014_zpsdu8ywd1u.jpg


Mandy Bonilla, a student of Unity College, Maine sent a few pictures earlier this year. Mandy was a former student from the Ocean County 4-H club that practiced at Black Knight Bowbenders (Jackson) in the past.

She now attends Unity College that provides dedicated, engaged students with a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and the natural resources.

A few years ago TANJ voted at our 2012 Annual members meeting at Whittingham to sponsor her with equipment, since she wanted to continue her love of archery when she entered college and they did not have any traditional equipment available.

Since then she and her room mate formed a traditional archery team that continues to practice at their indoor & outdoor ranges whenever she has time from her classes.

"Our Youth - they are our Future"

Doc DeCaro

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At the notification and request of student Emma Bovair for assistance in setting up an NASP program, TANJ donated funds to the Sussex County Charter Technical School last month.

Thank you for the head's up, Emma!

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