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The Annual Trad Gang St. Jude's Hospital Auction

Since 2005, Trad Gang has hosted an auction to raise money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This hospital and research center is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With research and patient care under one roof, St. Jude is where some of today's most gifted researchers are able to do science more quickly.

Trad Gang members put up items for auction, will all proceeds going directly to pediatric cancer research - no middle people, direct to where it will help the kids out immediately. To date, this annual Trad Gang auction has raised nearly one million dollars - we hope to break that mark with this year's auction.

A lot of the auction items are truly Top Shelf, with bows, archery tackle, knives, leather gear, hunt gear, clothing, jewellery, food, and LOTS of other cool stuff that even includes actual hunts up for auction bidding!

It's easy to bid on items. First, join Trad Gang - it's free with no strings attached (well, except for your trad bowstring :) - login, scroll down a bit to see the St. Jude Auction banner, click on HERE, that will take you to the St Jude Auction Forum, login with your Trad Gang login, check out all four bid forums, pick out an item, make a reply post with your bid amount. Some of the deals are just awesome, but remember that this is ALL for the KIDS, so bid often and bid high!

Contact Rob if you need assistance in joining Trad Gang or logging into the forums or bidding at the auction.

Bid forums are NOW OPEN for bidding!

The BID forums CLOSE June 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th at 10:00 PM - bids must be time stamped 9:59pm to count!

Sunday June 7th TANJ 3D Garden State Archers

Come Join in the fun

Open to all Traditional and Compound shooters

That's right two separate ranges will be open one for each bow group

Raffle drawing for Irene Bowers prints monies being donated to our Wounded Warriors

God Bless Our Troops

See attached flyers

Doc DeCaro
Traditional Archers of NJ

Youth Event Coordinator UBNJ

Shooters Sporting Center

September 2015 will be our second Anniversary of Shooters being open and we have been trying to figure out what to do to celebrate. We have decided to host a hunters weekend August 8th and 9th (Saturday and Sunday)! Byron Ferguson will be doing 2 expeditions per day during the event.

We will also have many manufactures present. (Hoyt, Mathews, Bear Archery, Elite, Bowtech, Antler Ice) There will be sidewalk sales, and many in-store sales going on that weekend, not just archery, firearms and clothing too.

We also offer archery birthday party 's here at Shooters. For $250.00 you child can have 15 of their friends enjoy two hours of archery fun. I have included the flyer for that also.

Shooters also offers private and group lessons from Level 2 Certified Archery Instructors. $60.00 per hour for an individual lesson or for up to 4 persons.

Please let me know if you want anymore information. Also, I will keep you up to date on information in the event as I get it!

Thank you,
Rachael Hicks
Archery Shop Manager

Shooters Sporting Center
1535 Rt. 539
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

TANJ member Dorie Tully, wife of Gutyanker Mike T, attended her first camp away 3D shoot, attending the Baltimore Classic this past May 16th & 17th weekend. At the end of the day she made this 50 yard 10x ring shot with her new longbow and cannot wait for her next 3D shoot.

Archery Wheelchair Competitions needs our help ...
"Hi Doc,

The dates of the Handicap Archery Wheelchair competitions that we are in need of volunteers are as follows:

(all volunteers should arrive at least one (1) hour prior to scheduled start times below)

Tri-State Games
Saturday May 23, 2015
9:00am - 12:30pm
Overpeck Park, Palisades Park, N.J.

National Junior Disability Championship (NJDC)
Sunday July 19, 2015
9;00am - 1:00pm

Monday July 20, 2015
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Union County Archery Range
Oak Ridge Park
Oak Ridge Road, Clark, N.J.

ken bagala ken.bagala@verizon.net


Last week, two traditional recurve bows were donated to two students in need of archery equipment by the Gutyankers! The request was made to the Traditional Archers of New Jersey couple weeks ago, who then passed it on to the Gutyankers.

Who are these "Gutyanker" guys?

This is a question that we get quite a bit from our fellow archers. Well, the story behind the answer and funny name is really quite simple and serious in its goal.

It started 6 years ago during the Denton Hill ETAR, at the start of the worst recession since the 1930's (or was it a depression?). I will let you readers sort that out.

Five traditional archers, members of TANJ, were sitting around their camp fire and watching the shooters on the practice range "under the lights". They noticed the youth shooters were in greater attendance and speculated on the cost of a real vacation being out of reach this year for some folks and $4.00 per/gal gas at the pumps did not help.

Watching the future 3-D archers practicing their skills until the lights went out was fantastic! We felt sure that our way of life, hunting, shooting and family camping would continue unaffected by the pink slip tide in the outside world. We were wrong.

The flow of the range was off. You know what I mean - some kids shot an arrow or two then waited for others to shoot a full end of shafts or handed their bows to a second archer who shot one or two shots. The problem was obvious for the campfire observers. Too many kids and not enough basic equipment to go around! The recession had reached us.

For the next few days the conversation focused on the problem of youth archers subjected to the effects of Dad and Mom being out of work, single Moms and Dads trying to make ends meet and the poor condition of some of the bows and arrows being shot. The kids still had fun but where was the future in 3-D, Field and FITA if they out grew the old arrows and bows next year?

How many kids did not have a bow or arrows, but had a true desire to be with their friends on the 3-D line?

Someone said that when he watched the kids yanking back on the cat gut string of long bow, he remembered the joy of shooting his first stick bow so many years earlier. Yanking back a gut string? Hummmmmmmmmmm.

With that said, the five archers made a promise with a toast of spirits, and the shadows of an ETAR fire. No young archer will ever be denied our sport due to financial hardship at home. Period. So it started - moneys were collected and donated at the shoots from Garden State, Farmers, Black Knights, Bent Creek, Wa-XO-BE, Oak Ridge, Lincoln Park, Whittingham, Sawmill, Baltimore, ETAR and so many others.

Over the last 6 years over 40 sets of bows, arrows, gloves and arm guards have been given at Christmas, birthdays, and to just plain kids in need. We never solicit funds. If you believe as we do, watch for a brother archer wearing our pin on their hat or quiver at the shoots. Anything you do give will go directly to youth archery equipment and you get a hat pin with our logo.

If you know of a kid in need please pass the information to us or TANJ and we will make things happen! Hey, that's a Denton Hill promise!!

A group of great Traditional Archers that are members of The Traditional Archers of NJ.

Just like Robin Hood and his Merry Men always in the shadows, watching, waiting to help ...

... the Gutyankers!!!

Whittingham Texas Wac Um Winner

John Hoinowski Winner and Jeff Strauss (Allegheny Mtn Bowyer) ...

John - what form! He loves his new Alleghany Mtn 48# 62" Bow ...

Al Klenk, Doc, Jeff "FaFa" Strauss ...

Mothers Day Shoot ~ May 10th 2015

3-D Shoot and Swap Meet at the WaXoBe Archery Outdoor Range

53 Major Road, Monmouth Junction, N.J ~ www.waxobe.com for directions!

Registration opens 7:30 A.M ends 12:30 P.M.

Don’t forget as always Archery & Outdoor Flea Market Sale - Equipment to sell or barter at no charge, free to all! All Archers must register in order to shoot sell or barter!

TANJ Long Sleeve Black Shirts are back in stock!!!

New Light Green TANJ Broadhead/Deer/NJ Logo

T-Shirts New Item Big Seller & Camo Wire Brim Hats

WaXoBe will have their kitchen open for Breakfast & Lunch as always! Great food & Drink!

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro ~ 20 Spruce Drive, Middletown, NJ 07748
TANJ President ~ (732) 957 1960, home ~ (732) 673 2065, cell

This was at the SCFGPA Somerset County Fish and Game Protective Association Archery Range Bridgewater, N.J., with Range Officer John Zampini along with GutYanker Mike Tully and TANJ Doc DeCaro at their Youth Archery Day.

TANJ & the Appalachian Bowmen of Sussex County sponsored the 17 Scouts from Troop 34, Jackson throughout the Whittingham Traditional Rendezvous weekend along with our lender archery equipment.

We had special archery related classes over the weekend held by TANJ members Mike Tully, Phil Muller & myself. We like to thank TANJ member Mark Dreyfus Asst Scout Master for arranging and supervising the scouts the entire weekend making sure they were safe but most of all having a great time camping and learning the Art of Archery.

God Bless Our Youth They are Our Future!

Doc DeCaro
"Still President"

The Grand Prize for the Annual TANJ Texas Wac Um contest was an Allegheny Mtn. 60" Mountain Bow, Brown Action Wood Riser, Zebrawood Limbs, 48#@28". Value $450 which was donated by TANJ member Jeff Strauss.

The winner was John Hoinowski and over 134 archers were in the competition. All monies raised will be donated to the Handicap Olympic style games that will be held in Mid July at Oakwood NJ, in Union County.

The Archery competition event will be held on July 18th & 19th, 2015. They are expecting at least 500 handicap kids to compete from around the U.S. during the entire week.

Al Klenk, Doc DeCaro, Jeff (FaFa) Strauss posing with the Allegheny Mtn Bow that John Hoinowski won which was donated by Bowyer & Owner Jeff Strauss. Jeff has been donating a bow for our contest as the Grand Prize for the last 7 years.


Congratulations Doc & John!

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro and John Erndl were inducted into the NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame at the 11th Annual Bowhunters Game Dinner last month. Doc is President of TANJ and John is President of UBNJ, and both are Members of Black Knight Bowbenders.

Doc's Handy Archery Tip #647

If you're having a problem with your screw-in arrow tip points becoming loose during your shooting, just use a little teflon pipe thread tape - cut half inch piece, wrap around thread, and screw back onto arrow ... and the problem is solved!

~ Doc.

Obiss has put all the TANJ/OBISS 2nd Annual March Madness day in a picture slide show. Thank You for a great time and pictures to - Howard Neide President Obissquasoit Bowmen & Pete Dave Onesti Charlie Meyers and all its members.

TANJ and Black Knight membership helped the Jackson & New Egypt Boy Scouts learn the Art of Archery for their "Arrow of Light" Ceremony. This is where the Cub Scouts cross over to Boy Scouts. It was held the Sunday right after the NJ Bowhunters Game Dinner at 10am. It was a great group of kids, and what we do is to support our youth. It was 4 hours of non stop fun. Bud Thomas & Gene Grodzki were the coordinators and did a great job.

Winners of TANJ/ OBISS March 29th March Madness Game
3D Deer Spot ~ Down Under ~ William Tell

11th Annual NJ Bowhunter's Game Dinner

 photo IMG_5732125540955_zpsechfh6tt.jpeg

 photo IMG_5714524084869_zpslcvt1zdg.jpeg

 photo IMG_5701612349767_zpsuk2qnywc.jpeg

 photo 2015031495202722_zpsr3pzus21.jpg

 photo 20150314_171553_zpsprtrjqgw.jpg

 photo 20150314_205419_zpsfdrcwhdi.jpg

Dino Pagano's son Avery Pagano makes the Junior Dream Team consisting of the most promising junior and cadet Olympic archers in the country and now will attend Olympic Training Center. Story in the Rumson Patch and/or Monmouth Journal (March 6th). The Pagano family TANJ members shoot at the BKB all the time.

TANJ will support Avery!


 photo 20150308_120603_zpstzzkukwz.jpg

 photo 20150308_120550_zpsdzxum2m0.jpg


Mountain Mikes (Sig Borstads former shop) will take 25% OFF ANY IN-STOCK 3D AND ALL BAG TARGET FOR TANJ MEMBERS. This sale will be valid now till April 31st, 2015. Please bring your 2015 TANJ membership card.

Mountain Mikes
7 Old Rudetown
McAfree, NJ
Hours - 9am to 5pm
We are closed on Mondays
Cell, 862-266-2293.
Shop, 973 827 6527

Gerry "Doc" DeCaro

El Presidente

The Man, the Myth, and now ... the Legend!

Doc is featured on page 76 for Traditional Harvests in Traditional Bowhunter
magazine's April/May 2015 issue, and he wins the CRKT knife!

 photo 3dshoot_zpsjemljrt0.png

The Cabin Fever weekend was a blast!

On Saturday we had over 30 BKB & TANJ members show up for the pre Cabin Fever Work party and on Sunday many of the same folks came to shoot and to lend a hand. Despite the insane weather and snow we had 57 shooters on Sunday. It was cold but there was a nice break in the weather both Saturday and Sunday. The archery gods must like TANJ & BKB.

Mike Luster our chief cook and bottle washer took a triple header on the ice and dislocated his right shoulder on Saturday. Mike went in for surgery today (Tuesday). His Grandson Nick said he might need a rod and some screws to put him back together. Mike if you are reading this we wish you a speedy recovery.

Doc wanted to say Thanks to Mark Dreyfus and Scout Troop 34 from Jackson for their help on Saturday!

Doc Decaro & some of his TANJ Team holding court at the registration desk ...
 photo image009_zpsx58kbhkc.jpg

Early Sunday AM started really cold but the sun broke out and made it a balmy 30 degrees! ...
 photo image010_zpspfdboffo.jpg

 photo image002_zpsebrfapgn.jpg

 photo image011_zps2xqqeb2y.jpg

Mr. Roger "3-D" Dean, his bride Jen and daughter Olivia, along with his team of 3-D helpers, made sure the 3-D Range was "Top Notch" despite the snow and ice. Thank you! ...
 photo image004_zps4wwchjhe.jpg

Mike gives a thumbs up on the way to the hospital with his chauffer Ron Elison ...
 photo image013_zpsznqsparh.jpg

Ray Juarez and his team of BKB volunteers did a great job in the kitchen on Sunday serving up some world class chow! ...
 photo image014_zpsdu8ywd1u.jpg


Mandy Bonilla, a student of Unity College, Maine sent a few pictures earlier this year. Mandy was a former student from the Ocean County 4-H club that practiced at Black Knight Bowbenders (Jackson) in the past.

She now attends Unity College that provides dedicated, engaged students with a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and the natural resources.

A few years ago TANJ voted at our 2012 Annual members meeting at Whittingham to sponsor her with equipment, since she wanted to continue her love of archery when she entered college and they did not have any traditional equipment available.

Since then she and her room mate formed a traditional archery team that continues to practice at their indoor & outdoor ranges whenever she has time from her classes.

"Our Youth - they are our Future"

Doc DeCaro

 photo IMG_4542991239801_zpswam4nkvw.jpeg

At the notification and request of student Emma Bovair for assistance in setting up an NASP program, TANJ donated funds to the Sussex County Charter Technical School last month.

Thank you for the head's up, Emma!

 photo 2015_GameDinner_zps06ffd841.jpg